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engYouth and Training Guarantee is Worth Fighting for

The Turku region in Finland has been a pioneer in establishing comprehensive youth guarantee schemes. The Youth guarantee in Finland means that each young person under 25 and recently graduated people under 30 will be offered a job, a traineeship, a study place, or a period in a workshop or rehabilitation within three months of becoming unemployed. The youth guarantee includes training guarantee, which means that each young person who completes their basic education has the opportunity to attend further education in upper secondary school, vocational education, apprenticeship training, a youth workshop, rehabilitation or a place in some other form of study.

Education is one of the most effective means to prevent the social exclusion of the young. According to Finnish estimates, every youngster who permanently drops out of school and the job market will cost society at least one million euros before reaching retirement age. Moreover, because of the aging population in Europe, it is vital that our young people obtain an education and enter working life.

You can`t measure everything in money. Youth guarantee is also about equality and justness in Europe. For example, in Finland youth guarantee is seen as a part of the Finnish model, where equal opportunities and safety nets for the weaker members of society are in themselves values worth fighting for.



Peer Development – A Manual

Development expertise can and should also be a target for development. The aim of this guide is to bring together the key information about the prerequisites for successful peer development as well as the different challenges and pitfalls you may encounter during the process. The guide also provides practical advice for avoiding and overcoming problems and presents a range of examples of successful peer development projects. At the end of the guide is a collection of virtues and deadly sins of peer development; take note of these, and your next development project will be truly peerless.



WE HAVE A DREAM – Fulfilling the Promise of Youth Guarantee

In 2014, the Youth Guarantee NOW -project mapped various Youth Guarantee-related issues in the Turku region in Southwestern Finland by conducting extensive surveys and interviews and bringing experts together in seminars and workshops. This publication contains the Youth Guarantee vision as well as the action and implementation plan that was born out of these activities.


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GOOD PRACTICES for implementing THE YOUTH GUARANTEE in the Turku Region

The good practices for implementing the Youth Guarantee in the Turku region in South-West Finland, presented in this publication, are based on development work done over the years in the educational institutions and various youth guidance and support services of the area. The good results are based on the responsibilities, tasks and work distribution defined together, and cooperation based on the mutual values and insights from educational institutes, the officials guiding young people, and the voluntary sector.

A large section of the practices presented in this publication came about as a result of the numerous networking projects active in the 2000s, such as the development work done in the project OPEDA – Showing consideration for students’ specific characteristics and the development of pedagogical leadership 2011–2014.



Education for Everyone – The Training Guarantee Model in Finland

There is a consensus in Finland on the need for the training guarantee. The training guarantee means that each young person who completes comprehensive school should have an opportunity for further education. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has set a goal that no less than 96% of young people who complete basic education continue in a place of further education or receive supplemental education during the same year.



UBC – promoting employment and well-being of young people

The Board of the UBC decided in the UBC General Conference in Mariehamn (1-4 October 2013) to set up a Task Force on youth employment and well-being, which shall work until the next UBC General Conference in October 2015, in which it is invited to submit its final report.

The work of the Task Force is based on the Action Programme created by the experts from ten Finnish  . “The task of this Programme is to ensure that this issue gets the attention it deserves and to give support to Member Cities and other interested partners in promoting the rights of our young generation”, wrote Per Boedker Andersen, the president of UBC, in his forewords for the original Programme.

Download UBC Final Report: The Good, The Bad and The Next Practices »
Download UBC, Report 2014 »
(interim report of the Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being)



REACHING THE PEAK – A Manual for Identifying, Transferring and Adopting Innovations

This tool was created in the Peak project and it is intended for transferring the project’s best practices. The tool was born from the desire to respond to a challenge set by international cooperation – ”they had some good ideas, but we can’t utilise them in our country because our operating environment is too different” – by providing new means and tools for the identification and transfer of innovations. Another goal is to instil faith in the possibility of innovation transfer with the help of the examples described in this publication. The tools and operating models presented in this publication are suitable for use in both national and international cooperation.



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