Spending a day at BusinessTET in Prohoc Oy in Vaasa

Spending a day at BusinessTET in Prohoc Oy in Vaasa

We got an opportunity to spend a day at Prohoc and get to know their company on Friday 1st November. We got to tour the company with an employee. It was very interesting, and we got to see what all the employees where doing in their positions. At the same time, we did an evaluation of the workspaces.

We interviewed an employee who was originally from Spain. She had studied International Business in VAMK and worked as a consultant at Prohoc. At the time of our visit she had worked at Prohoc for 10 months. According to her, useful skills for her job were communication and IT. She liked Prohoc as a workplace because her duties were versatile, and communication based. She told us about their amazing community and acceptance in it. They have a policy on sustainable development. Their quality legislation requires them to consider environment and evaluate how their choices impact the environment.

The day was very informative, and we learned a lot about the company and their procedures.

Thank you!

Text and photos: Miina Taimisto and Viivi Viemerö.

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